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The Journal Of Not So Interesting pebblesandbam!

Okay to start out with I never show or tell my real name to any unless you’re a very good friend. Although as you can most likely tell by my user name that I’m a female that loved Bam, *stops and dreams about him*, I also want to confess that I have never got the chance to met Ville or any of the boys sadly because I live in Texas and they don’t come here much, not that I blame them. I’m as single right now am very happy with it, it leaves a lot more room for playing around, which I love to do, and not so many problems that just makes your life more difficult than it already is. Well mine any way.

As far as the question about what I prefer, no one really knows not even my mom…. But me I know me, ha ha. But I will say this.. I’m so glad that everyone has the right to get married now. Maybe not every where but there are at least some places here in America.

Bam was the one that got me into HIM and then HIM was the one that introduced me to all the other Finnish Bands. Aside from HIM I like bands such as The 69eyes, ect.

My life is almost normal, school, work, out this place and that…. And so on. So there you have it, the not-so-interesting-pebblesandbam.